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Access Control System

Offers Real-Time Integrated Monitoring and Access Status via Remote Control:
  Access control system is designed to prohibit access of unauthorized users from entering premises of business building, factories, laboratories and other important facilities to create safe and sound work environment. Using the RFID / SMART Cards, Fingerprint / Facial Recognition Devices and Access Control Panel, it seamlessly prevents unauthorized access and provides a prevention method for any incidents from taking place.

  System Purpose:
  - Privacy and Asset Protection.
  - Increases Security and Safety of the Workplace by Prohibiting Access of the Unauthorized Personnel.
  - Provides Convenient Management via Remote Control.
  - Allows the Administrator to Take Prompt Response to Alarm Event to Minimize the Damage.

  System Features:
  Seamless Access Control Management:
  - Time schedule management by user, group, door to limit and control entry.
  - Equipped with tailgating function and arm / disarm functions to maximize the security level.
  - Allows the adjustment of the security level by using different combination of RF (PIN) card fingerprint/ facial recognition modes.
  - Keeps extensive records of administrator log in / out data to prohibit irregular modifications.
  Access Status Management by Users and Groups:
  - Access status reviewing and report available by user, group, day and door.

  - Provides personal information and image of the user.
  Real-Time Monitoring and Management via Remote Control:
  - Integrated management available without restriction of location (Headquarter/ Branch Office Management).
  - Using the remote control feature, the administrator can control the access of doors and monitor access status in real-time.
  - Using the remote control feature, the administrator can control and monitor various output devices and alarm devices.
  Integration with Other Systems:
  - Compatible with various sensors, fire alarm and DVR for system expansion.
  - Supports data converting feature (Excel, Text, PDF) for integration with ERP/ IBS.
  - Easy integrations with access control gate systems such as turnstile and speed gate.
  - Easy to Install and Convenient to Use.
  - Affordable Access Control System Suitable for Small Offices, Factories and Stores.

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