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Access Control Video Surveillance

Real-Time Confirmation of the Access Control Status with Visual Monitoring Guarantees High Level of Security with Low Installation Cost!

  Access control event and video image are stored in both hard drive of the PC, which the integrated management software is installed and DVR to preserve the data safely and also make it easy to search the video image.

  System Purpose:
  - Enhances the Security Level as the Video Surveillance Visual Data is added on to the Access Control Data in Text.
  - To React Promptly upon the Outbreak of an Alarm Event by Checking the Visual Data of the User.
  - User ID and Visual Data can be matched up to Prevent Proxy Attendance.
  - Increases the Effectiveness of the Management as the Access Control and Video Surveillance are in a Single S/W.

  System Features:
  Check the Access Control Status with Visual Image:
  - Integrated with CCTV to capture the previous and afterward video images of the event occurrence.
  Configurable System According to the Environment of the Installation Site:
  - Standalone system for small size business (Integrated Software Embedded on DVR).
  - Distributed system for medium to large size business (Integrated Software Installed on Separate Server).
  Easy and Smart Search Function:
  - Search data by event categories, event conditions, etc.
  Remote Integrated Monitoring Function:
  - Remote integrated monitoring support for multi-site management.
  - Real-time visual monitoring support via web browser.
  High System Expandability and Supports Integrations with Other Systems:
  - Up to 50 access control panels connectable per system (Controls up to 200 Doors).
  - Up to 50 DVRs connectable per system (Connectable up to 1,600 Cameras).
  - Supports POS & ATM integration.
  - Supports alarm & fire alarm integration.
  Can be Applied to Access Control/ Time & Attendance/ Elevator Control and Other Applications:
  - Real-Time Confirmation of the Access Control Status with Visual Monitoring!.
  - High Level of Security Guaranteed with Low Installation Cost!.

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