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Long Range System

  Stable Long Range Reading Guaranteed, Weatherproofed for both Indoor / Outdoor Use, Life-Time Use of Active Cards with Replaceable Batteries, Effectively Cuts Down the Management Cost and Time:
  The Long Range System is designed to prohibit the entry of unidentified vehicles into the premises and provides an effective solution for vehicle / parking management with the integrations with parking ticket dispenser and fee calculation system. The long range system can be also applied in asset control, personal tracking and logistics / fleet management.

  System Purpose:
  - Cuts Down the Card Recognition Time as the Long Range Reader Identifies the Card from the Long Distance.
  - Decrease in Cost for Management and Patrol Guards.
  - Increase in Management Efficiency with Integration with Other Parking Related Systems.
  - Enhanced Convenience as It Doesn’t Require the Opening of Vehicle Window for the Card Identification.

  System Features:
  - Read Range up to 10M (2M, 3M, 5M, 10M Selectable).
  - Direct Bar Gate Output (Open Collector : 1 Sec).
  - Applied in Asset Management, Personnel Tracking and Other Applications.
  - Weatherproofed to Withstand Any Weather and Environment.
  - OTR (One Time Reading) and HOLD Control Input for Multiple Entries.
  - Multiple Tag Identification (30 Tags / Sec).
  - Encrypted Tag ID and Secure Protocols between Readers and Tags.
  - Available in 90° One-Directional / 360° Omni-Directional Antenna.
  - Life-Time Usable Active Cards with Replaceable Batteries.

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