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Smart Card System

Access Control, Debt Meal, Cashless Payment in One Card Practical for Electrical Payment, Student ID Card, Bank Credit Card, Employee ID Card:

  Smart card system is designed to provide multi-use of single card. With the embedded IC (Chip Card), the Smart Card can store large amount of information within the card and when it is used with the Smart Card Reader, it is can be applied as transit card, bank credit card and parking card. As the data in the smart card can be written and read, it can be also applied as debt meal and cashless payment cards. It also provides high level of security as it can store personal bio data within the card to ensure personal data from being duplicated or stolen.

  System Purpose:
  - Able to Issue a Card for Various Applications (One Card Solution).
  - Increased Security as the Cards Cannot be Duplicated.
  - Guarantees High Level of Security and Protection of Privacy.
  - Compatible with Existing System for Cost Deduction.

  System Features:
  - High Compatibility with Existing Smart Card System from Other Brand.
  - Data Protected with Secure Access Key.
  - Personal Bio Data Stored in Each Personal Card.
  - Free to Write and Delete the Data as the User’s Desire.

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