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Time Attendance System

  Keeps a Clear Record of Time & Attendance of the Employees Including Overtime Work, Multi-Shift and Other Various Work Rules. Customize the Time & Attendance Reports According to Company’s HR Needs and Developments:
  It is designed to manage the employees’ T&A data using the fingerprint or RF cards to keep accurate data for late attendance, early leave, overtime and other work rules. The suitable program is selectable according to the size of the business (factory, office, shift management) and it also offers efficient management as it can be integrated with ERP systems. When used with fingerprint identification and video surveillance integration, it seamlessly eliminates unauthorized use of other people’s credentials to prevent buddy-punching.

  System Purpose:
  - Huge Deductions on Management Cost with Automated Processing.
  - Prevents Proxy Attendance/ Buddy Punching.
  - Comprehensive Log Management Keeps the T&A Data from Being Manipulated.
  - Increases Employees’ Productivity with Precise T&A Management.
  - User Defined Report to Increase User Convenience.
  - Ensures T&A Data and Access Records Storage and Backup Feature for Stable Performance.
  - Effective H&R Management with Integrations with HR Programs or ERP.

  System Features:
  Supports Various Work Types and T&A Management Settings:
  - Early Attendance, Regular Attendance, Overtime, ShiftManagement.
  Easy Setup and Convenient to Use:
  - Setup Wizard, Extensive Tool Tips, On-line Help.
  Various Types of Reports Available for Viewing and Printing:
  - Closing Report, Daily / Monthly / Yearly Attendance Report, Overtime Work Report, Late Attendance / Early Leave Report and etc.
  Integration with Payroll Programs Using the Data Export Feature:
  - Excel, HTML, PDF.
  Real-Time Monitoring and Management Using the Remote Control Feature:
  - Allows real-time monitoring and management of T&A using the remote control.
  T&A Reports Available on the Web to Review and Print:
  - In case of the web function is installed, the reports can be viewed and printed on the web browser.

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