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Asset Management Systems

  Asset Management Systems:
  Solution management by using cards of VietNam TSA Solution Joint Stock Company will help you improve monitoring and asset management, increase productivity and protect people and assets. You will not spend more time to research for,even human or equipment. Our solutions will help to atrack and monitor mobile assets eaasily.

  Accurate information on the location of the people and equipment:
Asset Locator is a powerful software applications to provide accurate information in real time from server to your computer. Just look at the screen can help you know the exact location of the device or you are looking’re in any position in the building, the floor or even in a particular room.

  Asset Locator  updates the location information of assets to be marked, once every 4s, help you to know the precise location of the property or provide reports on the status of the property, to the munite accuracy. This information is very useful for security personal in the monitoring of assets & people in the building and monitor the periodic maintenance of the floor and managed financial compliance regulations on resource use production, ect .. and more.

  Expansion capabilities via integrated control:
When you connect with Asser Locator IBMS system, it will bring you benefit from the access point, to asset management, security management and other utilities, information can be shared to 40 stations managed locally and remotely.

  The main function of Asset Locator:
  - Full integration with local positioning system ELPAS (cards, badges and readers).
  - Update information assets tagged cell once every 4s, update mobile assets 6s once.
  - Include warnings on overtime tied for the individual cards for the security alert.

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