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Digital Video Management Systems


  Digital Video Management:
Digital video management (DVM) is a monitoring solution using closed-circuit television Digital (CCTV) to bring the security features advanced users that were previously only available in the luxury building management system. DVM provides integration capabilities with comprehensive IBMS tools without additional costs of software integration options or complicated wiring connections. When the system is connected to the IBMS, DVM display and record a fully automated video critical information, improve a great way to manage unexpected events.

  By combining software and advanced technology, DVM provides the ability to control high for the recording and playback while allowing monitoring and process control monitoring. And because of the unique open architecture and easy integration with existing systems, DVM, you can take advantage of the switches and coaxial cable or switch to a network infrastructure configuration open architecture.

  Open Architecture: Maximum flexibility, lowest cost.
Unlike other systems require separate cabling system, the DVM can be integrated with existing CCTV equipment or take advantage of networking technologies open TCP / IP to provide camera switching, control, and digital video recorder based on software. Prominent architectural flexibility for additional help or moving the camera in the network location of the building is more simple. No need to purchase or maintenance of equipment racks, monitors and switches. The only requirement for CCTV surveillance system is just a PC with appropriate software and network connections. DVM's open architecture even help you improve your ability to monitor applications and products of a 3rd partner.

  Function advanced error control:
The function of the advanced error control DVM outperforms the system other digital video. When digital recorder down, the camera comes to monitoring and recording stops, so will increase the risk and reduce operational productivity. With DVM, database servers have redundant configuration, if the primary database server fails, the system will immediately switch to the host system database backup. Moreover, the video data stream from the camera will be redirected to any server in the system in case of malfunction. This allows the signal to be recorded uninterrupted and always ensure continuous recording.

  The monitoring system is really clever:
  VietNam TSA Solution Joint Stock Company offers a truly smart & effective for your surveillance system. Along with recording scheduled and on-demand, DVM can automatically record when a motion is detected in a certain area.
For example, the operator can specify automatic recording area when someone wants to restricted areas, or when the alarm is turned on or when there is a warning from HVAC equipment, or process control equipment important. The images were recorded may include not only the events that occur, but also what happened immediately before and after, to help you have a complete picture of more help for the process and the survey.

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