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Management solution in place using number plate recognition technology

  1. Principle Of Operation:
The system operates according to the motion detection mechanism. The images from the camera will continuously retrieve and display on monitors. Upon detection of vehicles in or out, the software will automatically capture images from the camera, respectively, and then just took the photo identification number plate is a TEXT format. All vehicle information such as photos, panoramas, car number plates, the time is stored in the database of the program, and show up on the software interface. The system can also be used in combination with a barrier to the car on / off.

  2. Specification Highlights:
- Using recognition technology with high accuracy (95%) and fast identification time (50-100 ms) enables accurate weighing, easy, fast, minimize fraud.
  - Identify the full range of characters on the license plate numbers of all motor vehicles in Vietnam.
  - Integrated motion detection technology based on image processing for detecting vehicles entering or leaving.
  - User-friendly software interface, easy to use.
  - Reporting mechanisms, information seeking flexibility, suitable for managers.
  - There are mechanisms client - server management allows the access, viewing, remote monitoring.
  - There are Web Server mechanism, which allows the access management reporting via LAN or Internet.
  - Using authorization in all activities of software.
  - There are search engines, optimized for projection in comparison to the plate with the identification number plate in the list. This mechanism enables accurate identification of up to 99%.

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