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Parking Guidance System

- Customer benifits:

  + Easy to find parking position follow signs and indicator lamps.
  + Dramatically reduced parking space search time.
  + Less stress and frustration.
  + Avoid conflicts caused by vehicle collision.
  + Saves precious time, especially in airports.
  + Savings on fuel & tires.
  + Absolute comfort and convenience.
  - Operator benifits:
  + Reduce fuel consumption and combustion emission.
  + Reduced Operating Cost and optimize human resource.
  + Increase parking efficiency.: faster turnaround of available spaces means increased revenue.
  + Easy to manage and control automatically.
  + Easy maintenance, self diagnostics, plug any play repair.
  + Minimize customer complaints.
  + Management parking position, zone, entire garage 100% accurate in real time.
  + Comprehensive management statistics.
  + No need to resetting of zone or floor counting.
  + Less supervision time.
  + Less risk of damage to vehicles.

  Guidance Procedures:
An ultrasonic detector is installed above each parking space, It constantly monitor real-time space status (vehicle is present, or not), and report to host controller.
  - Loop detector used to count vehicles in and out at each floor, or entire garage.

  - Data converter submits information acquired from controllers to PC-based guidance control system.
  - Guidance control system updates real-time available space on associated guidance displays after logical judgments on overall parking status.
  - Guidance displays interact with each other, indicating car driver from entry to exit.
  - Red/ Green LED indicators visually assist driver to a vacant space.

  Management Software:
Intelligent parking guidance system software is developed especially for large car parks. It is a tailor-made solution for different car park structures. It provides logical real-time guidance information, promising high parking efficiency, space reservation, fixed-space protection, car park rotation analysis.
  - Real-time Reveals the Status of Parking Space.
  - Able to Monitor, Edit and Control Status of All Equipments in the System.
  - Easy to Configure.
  - Provides Statistical Reports of Car Park Usage.

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