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Parking Management Solutions

  Principle Of Operation:
- Entrance:

  Employees look to the car for 01 matches on the card reader and transferred to the client. Then the software will photograph license plate numbers and vehicle owners images. The number plate will be recognized as text, combined with information on the card, on the date, vehicle owners ... will create the image of an electronic ticket and stored in a database on your computer.
  - Exit:
  Staff will collect the car looks back onto a card and swipe card reader. The software will re-plate photography, photos, car owners and car number plate recognition. Car number will be automatically collated software with license plate numbers to check the time on validity. If false, the signal will alert staff in the car said, if the right software will show the amounts they pay. The amount can be paid hourly or per preset value on the card. The system can be used in conjunction with a barrier to the car on/ off.

  Specification Highlights:
- Integrated all in one:
  Designed to match the characteristics of the motor vehicle number plates in Vietnam should be able to identify the license plate numbers of all types of cars, motorcycles, motorbikes including:
  + Private Car (White Sea).
  + Military Vehicles (Red Sea).
  + Vehicles of (sea green).
  + The special vehicles such as cars overseas, car embassies, diplomatic vehicles, international organizations...
  - Ability to identify quickly and accurately, the characters full of car number plates make parking/ get car easily and quickly:
  + Identification Time <100 ms.
  + Accuracy >95% of the images look crisp conditions.
  + Identify all the characters on the number plate.
  - Diversity Reporting System and can be customized according to customer requirements:
  + Report the number of vehicles in/ out.
  + Report revenue over time, according to the employee's shift.
  + Detection of vehicle number plates stolen (car number plates black).
  + Detect the card is lost or stolen (black card).
  + Manage posts by month or special vehicles.
  - The software is designed to be flexible to suit customers can manage both bicycle lanes allows switching in/ out quickly and conveniently:
  + User friendly interface for easy operation and commissioning.
  + Manage the entire bike.
  + Switch lanes in/ out quickly.
  + Manage the flow parking tens of thousand/ day.
  + There are mechanisms established database backup, recording function from the camera up to help prevent incidents.

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