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Hotel Automation


  "Hotel” word is derived from an French ancient word – Hostel, it means “Home”. If Hotel give meaning is Home, so what does it really consist of? We provide it all of functions of a home, don’t we? Hotel where in order to sleep, a space to seat, watching TV and enjoying music from sound source of hotel. Besides, hotel is a place to hold wedding or other social events happening usually!
  In basic terms a Public Address Systems (PA Systems) utilise microphones, amplifiers and speakers to provide an audio announcement or provision of information to a specified group of people using the PA Systems. This could be office staff, keeping customers informed of promotions within a shop or public service announcements etc.
  With that meaning, Intelligent Hotel Solution give to guest convenience, comfort along with many control features in room including lighting control, HVAC control, curtain remote control and entertainment system (including sound system, TV control)…
  The Solution not only give a lot of utilities for guests but also help hotel hotel-keeper improve operation efficiency, reduce energy consumption, enhance human management efficiency, we provide for guests the utilities, comfort and better services.
  In addition to energy saving functions of Intelligent Hotel Technology, it gives many utilities, convenience for guests, another important respect which the system also create is that benefit of “Green Concept”. Using the Intelligent Hotel Technology will provide a safe environment and be conducvive to guest health.
  Intelligent Hotel features including:
  - Curtain and Blind Control.
  - Video Door Phone.
  - Bedside Control Panel and Smart Press Buttons.
  - Control by Card.
  - HVAC control.
  - Intelligent Switch, Universal Socket.
  - Energy Saving.
  - Lighting Control.
  - Sound and entertainment system.
  - Security, Safety.
  - Luxurious utilities.
  - Hotel Managemetn by Smart Software.

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