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Smart Home

  The residence culture is currently experiencing evolution, and becoming even smarter. HYUNDAI TELECOM is setting the trend by ensuring the family's comfortable, safe, fun and 'smart' lifestyle through the best technological skills and philosophy. HYUNDAI TELECOM's Smart Home system provides the best system for apartments, houses and every type of residential area and leading this technological transition towards a smarter future.

  HYUNDAI TELECOM's Smart Home System uses the Wall Pad as the primary equipment for providing a combination of services, including: Subphone (kitchen TV, bathroom phone, Sub Wall Pad etc.) Control system (lighting, gas, heating, door lock, curtain, airconditioning, elevator, ventilator etc.) Security system (infrared detector, movement detector, CCTV, emergency call, restricted entry system, mobilising guards etc.) Information system (parking controls, sensoring, parking position, directions, building information, weather forecast etc.) Public Subphone (lobby phone, guardroom etc.) The functions of the Wall Pad include: Communication function (standard calling, video calls, guardroom calls, visitor calls, subphone etc.) Crime prevention function (outing setting, home setting, saving a video clip in case of absence, CCTV recording, guard alert system etc.) Control function (lighting control, gas valve control, cool/heat control, door lock, elevator call, ventilator system control etc.) Information function (official announcements, notifying delivery, parking information, building information, management expenses, residential voting etc.) Energy expenditure information (monthly usage of electricity/water/gas/heating/hot water, monthly comparisons of usage, target expenditure setting, alarm setting in case of identified problem etc.) Most of these functions can also be downloaded by applications on a Smart Phone. Also, there are various systems that provide visitor tracking, calling, services particularly suited for houses that cannot afford infrared systems.

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