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  Protecting the public and its assets:
  Public safety and security is an important issue for governments at all levels. Both citizens and government officials wish for a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions.
  IP video surveillance has proven to be an efficient preventative tool to create a safer and more secure environment within public areas such as:
  - Ministries and city halls.
  - Court buildings and prisons.
  - Customs and immigration offices.
  - Museums.
  - Transportation hubs and infrastructure.
  - Public outdoor areas.

  Bringing a wide range of benefits:
  Axis network video solutions have been successfully implemented in multiple government applications around the world.

  Based on open IP standards, they offer a cost-efficient and future-proof surveillance platform that easily can be expanded with growing needs. In addition they bring:
  - Reduced investigation costs thanks to high-quality video for quick identification and situation analysis.
  - Cost-efficient installation and maintenance.
  - Less vandalism and graffiti.
  - Immediate Internet/network access to live and recorded images.
  - Ease of integration with other IP-based systems.

  Leverage your existing CCTV investments:
  Many government projects have chosen Axis video encoders for a seamless transition to a modern, IP-based surveillance system. This has enabled them to make the most of their existing CCTV investments while benefiting from the many advantages of network video technology. As a result, they now have a scalable and future-proof surveillance system.
  With Axis, you benefit from the world’s leading range of network cameras and video encoders that help you to monitor your indoor and outdoor facilities. All video – both live and recorded – can easily be shared with multiple authorized target groups to ensure that you stay one step ahead of vandalism and crime.

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