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Map Composed System Door Bell Shaped, With Free

  You might have known and also you know the file HYUNDAI TELECOM would be pleased to introduce to you this product HYUNDAI TELECOM.
  - Video Door Phone, is free. With this system you will feel comfort and perfect. The system allows you to exchange with the outside voices, images, capable of internal communication between the rooms, the floors. You can open the remote client, a family without necessarily out, help you feel more active in these situations and avoid the things you have not previously satisfied...
  With multi-level house, villas, apartment, not the visits by appointment only ...U.S.i also make you busy at. But you will always feel comfortable when using this product ... With the motto "Dedicated customer service, The customer is always satisfied, Solution advanced perfect, Sharing knowledge with customers". So we are providing to you the product genuine, high quality, guaranteed, price attractive.

  Operating System:
When a signal from the bell push buttons will play the tone of the signal free "Bing BONG" and while the screen will show photos of the press ring (if the bell).
  People inside can communicate with images, words with people outside the door bell system. People in the house will be able to turn the switch to the outside to unlock without having to open the door. In addition the system allows you to automatically observed things happen outside the door, you can adjust the camera to observe the bell push buttons.

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